I love dogs. (In fact right now, my kids and I are trying to agree on what kind of dog we want to get…)

But “product dogs” are a different story.

1. Product dogs are those items that sit in your store month-after-month and don’t sell.

2. They’re the items that have such a low average sales price, that you can barely squeeze a nickel profit out of them.

3. They’re the items that conflict with your business lifestyle goals.

e.g. You live in an apartment, but you want to sell 7 foot high liquidation pallets (and you don’t want a warehouse).

Most people have a store full of product dogs.

And it’s killing their profits.

Because even if you HAVE a super-star product with a great profit margin… the other 10 products that aren’t selling suck up all your profits in wasted fees and inventory costs.

What you SELL matters.

You need to get rid of the dogs in your product line and source more products related to what’s working.

In fact this  strategy doesn’t just apply to online retail.

  • The Post Office is struggling because it has a product line full of dogs. (Sadly)
  • Cisco just discontinued the Flip camera because it’s a dog in their product line.
  • When Mattel launched the fashion forward Earring Magic Ken doll, they quickly realized from customer response that this product was not destined to be a hot seller… and pulled it from the shelves.
  • Microsoft recently put a fork in it’s “iPod killer” Zune.  Why?  Because it was a dog product that wasn’t selling.

No matter what you sell or where you sell it, you need to get rid of your product dogs.

Get Rid of the Dogs & Source Products That Sell!

Fortunately you can get rid of the dogs and start stocking up on products that sell.

In fact for EVERY product you sell profitably, there are at least 10 related products or product lines that will sell equally as well.

I call this method “Power of 10 Product Sourcing”.

Wouldn’t it be easier to sell MORE of what’s selling, and stop struggling to sell the things that aren’t?

If this sounds like an easier way to run a profitable online store to you, then I want you to do three things:

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Your Partner in Sourcing Success,


PS: What if you don’t know what you WANT to sell?

Well, that’s a “big dog” in and of itself!

You need to harness the Power of 10 to get you moving in the right direction! It’s time to get rid of all the dogs!

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