MAJOR news from Pinterest last week with the announcement of the new Pinterest Business accounts.

Pinterest grown rapidly as a powerful business marketing platform over the past year, and is now ready to provide special tools and services to help businesses in their marketing endeavors.

  1. One such tools is the new Pinterest Website Verification Badge,  which I first covered here. This badge not only provides your Pinterest account with credibility, it also gives you a solid link between Google and your website so that you can take advantage of the SEO benefits built into your Pinterest bio.
  2. Pinterest has also introduced the Profile widget and Board widget, which allow busineses. Which allows you to showcase 30 of your latest pins on your website. I’ll be covering more about this in an upcoming blog post.

The  first step in taking advantage of these tools is the conversion or creation of a Pinterest Business account.

Converting to a Pinterest Business Account

If you’re currently marketing your business on Pinterest, you want to convert your account to a business account today, so as to retain your boards and followers (in case at some point you can’t convert.) You can keep a personal account as well, you only need a second email address.

For example, my Pinterest user id is “lisasuttora“. When you convert to a business account, Pinterest  retains your user ID.

A good thing about the way Pinterest is handling this compared to Facebook is that both personal and user accounts are in the same “system” , so even though your account now has special features, to the Pinterest community the account looks the same.

Conversion is quick and easy. Simply go to this page and the Pinterest wizard will walk you through the process.

I’ve put together a quick “how-to” video for students of my Pinterest for Ecommerce program and Pinterest for Coaches, Consultants and Experts program. If you’re a member of either of these courses, simply login to your members area to view the video! In it, I’ve shared some additional tips about creating Pinterest Business accounts!

Pinterest and the Visual Web Are Here To Stay

If you’ve been thinking Pinterest might just be a flash in the pan, it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy.

Pinterest and the rise of the visual web are here to stay.

While marketing with words will never go away, we humans are very visual beings and we respond to images. They influence us in a profoundly powerful manner.

Pinterest and the visual web (including YouTube, Instagram, even Infographics) are only an extension of people’s love of imagery.

Learning to market with imagery and video is the next frontier of marketing for all businesses.

No matter what you sell or where you sell it.

What Are Your Questions About Pinterest and the Visual Web?

Do you have questions about Pinterest or this new world of marketing on the visual web?

Let me know below!