From $50K to $1 Million a Year on Amazon

Lisa immediately saw the potential in my business, in my brand, and more importantly, in me as a person. Now I see that  I can take my business where I want to. When I met Lisa, my sales were about $50K per year, and now 4 years later, I’m pretty close to doing $1 million. Lisa is my guiding light, and whatever she tells me to do, I just do it. I’m so fortunate to have her!

– Leslie


From $159K to $500K and a Team This Year

The most I’d sold on my website was $159,000 in a year. But this year, I expanded to an Amazon sales channel, just bought a new, huge house, I now have 2 employees, and I’m going to gross over half a million dollars. And it’s all because of Lisa and her training.

– Nicki


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