A “sales spiker” is an event, occurrence, season, or major change that directly spikes retail sales.

Sales spikers, a term I coined to describe this process (you won’t find it in your standard retail dictionary), can be a current event (Hostess going bankrupt), a holiday (Easter), a product shortage (air conditioners in the hot summer) a pop culture happening (breakout blockbuster movie), or any number of occurrences that cause people to buy more than they normally would.

We have three sales spikers happening between now and the middle of May…

  • Earth Day 2013 – April 22nd
  • Mother’s Day – May 12th
  • SpringĀ  – March 20th

Earth Day is always a huge sales spiker, calling attention to the vast array of eco-friendly products in the marketplace.

Earth day events, media and press also raise visibility of the need to buy green. Each year millions of shoppers around the globe commit to buying more eco-friendly products.

Do you sell/want to sell eco-friendly products? This sales spiker is for you!

The big marketplaces, Amazon and eBay always feature the earth friendly products in their online marketplace.

Amazon has a year ’round Amazon Green shop inside Amazon.com promoting eco-friendly products. This Amazon Green shop will be promoted heavily as we get closer to Earth Day.

Mother’s Day is also a huge sales spiker. An $18.5 billion dollar spending holiday in 2012, 60% of those shoppers will buy online in 2013.

What do you sell that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Are you promoting your products on Pinterest? Featuring them on Facebook?

Getting the word out about that perfect Mother’s Day gift that you sell?

Amazon has already jumped into Mother’s Day promotion mode with a special Mother’s Day shop devoted to promote their most popular Mother’s Day items.

Action Assignment!

Now that you know about sales spikers and how they drive increased sales, it time to think about which products you’ll promote for Earth Day and Mother’s Day?

Many people have products that are perfect for these two events already in inventory!

Some will need to quickly source more.

Your action assignment is to grab your favorite spreadsheet tool and quickly make a list of all inventory that you want to move front and center for Earth Day, Mother’s Day and of course Spring promotions!

Not only is spring a key selling season for bringing in new product, it’s also the right time to have a Spring Outlet Sale.

When you start thinking about increasing your sales in relation to sales spiking events, it crystalizes your focus so you can take advantage of these prime selling opportunities.

Now, add a second column to your spreadsheet and make notes about how you’ll promote these seasonal items. The important thing to remember about sales spikers is once they’re gone, they’re gone! So you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to spring into more sales this month!

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