If you sell on eBay, there’s an elephant in the room that no one is talking about.

But I want to talk to you about it today…

Three big things have happened this year on eBay.com that are impacting YOUR business RIGHT NOW:

1. eBay moved millions of “hidden” listings out of eBay stores and into eBay’s “core” search

2. eBay brought on more “diamond” sellers. Big companies with millions of items they bulk list through “data feeds” (meaning they can list millions of items in the same time it takes you to list 20 items).

3. The number of unique visitors (shoppers) to eBay have dropped from this time last year.

Let’s look at the numbers.

  • In July 2009, there were 33.7 million listings on eBay. (source: medved)
  • In July 2010, there were 133 million listings on eBay .
  • In July 2009, there were 73 million unique visitors on eBay (source: compete)
  • In July 2010, there were 68 million unique visitors on eBay

The bottom line is there are now 100 million MORE products competing for the dollars of 5 million FEWER buyers.

You do the math. No matter how you slice it, when SUPPLY is GREATER than DEMAND you have MORE COMPETITION.

It’s the elephant no one wants to talk about.

Is it still possible to make money on eBay?

  • There ARE people who are still MAKING good money on eBay.com
  • One of my clients just increased his sales 170% in July & August.
  • However, there are also people who are LOSING money and LACKING for sales.
  • One of my clients recently made the decision to close her business ON eBay and focus on her thriving Amazon sales.

It’s the elephant no one wants to talk about.

Is eBay the Problem or is it Your Business Model?

It could be eBay, it could be your business model or it could be both.

Over the past several months my support team has been flooded with people asking this very question.

And why I’ve decided it’s time to TALK about the “eBay Elephant”.

I’m doing so on a private call THIS Friday, 9/17 at 1:00pm PACIFIC

In this call, we’ll  talk straight about:

===> The reasons your sales are slowing or not growing on eBay
===> Whether you need to change your strategies or your business model
===> How to know whether or not you’re selling what shoppers are buying
===> How to take an objective look at your eBay business model to see if it can be profitable

I want to uncloak the eBay Elephant.

How Can YOU Attend This Important Call?

If you OWN a copy of my “SMART Strategies for eBay’s Fall 2010 Changes” audio, OR you  are a member of my Business Growth Group, I have already reserved a GUEST PASS in your name for this call.  You’ll be receiving your dial-in information from my support team this week.

If you don’t YE T own a copy of “SMART Strategies for eBay’s Fall 2010 Changes” purchase one today and I will reserve a GUEST PASS in your name as well.


1. Seating is LIMITED to 200 registrants
2. If you cannot attend the LIVE event, you will receive the private replay audio.
3. Listening to my Fall Seller Strategies class is a pre-requisite to attending the “eBay Elephant” call. Without the strategies I discuss in my latest audio, you’re not up to date on the many things that you could be doing now to improve your eBay sales.  Get your copy today.

If you’re struggling on eBay…

  • So if you’re struggling on eBay…
  • Your margins are shrinking.
  • Your sales are slowing or NOT GROWING.
  • It’s time to DO something about it.

TOO many people are FROZEN. Or complaining. Or scared. But NOT taking ACTIONS
to change or improve things.

Let’s change that Friday.



PS: I’m NOT going to give you a ‘Magic Pill’ on this call.  This is NOT an eBay “RAH RAH” call.  It’s STRAIGHT TALK with SOLID business strategies.

I’ll see you there.

Lisa Suttora