Professionally Researched Custom Keyword Lists with Search Volume and Keyword Placement for Your Amazon Product Pages

Using the right keyword phrases on your Amazon product page is the first step to achieving a Page 1 rank for your product in Amazon search.

Optimizing your listing with highly-relevant, top-searched, Primary Keyword Phrases is the foundation of creating a product page that sells.


Without a product page that is SEO optimized to rank on Page 1 of Amazon search for at least 5-10 top-searched Primary Keyword Phrases, you’re losing sales and income every day…


A recent Compete Digital Study revealed that if your product page is not ranked on Page 1 of Amazon Search, less than 20% of buyers will continue to Page 2 to view additional products.

Instead, they will do another search with a different keyword phrase.

This makes it critical for your product page to achieve a Page 1 Rank for as many highly-relevant keyword phrases as possible.



Unfortunately, many Amazon sellers lack the knowledge, time or team to do the proper keyword research and market analysis necessary to identify their product’s top Primary Keyword Phrases.



Instead you find yourself…

  • Using keyword tools that provide incorrect or misleading information
  • Not validating the keywords before using them to optimize your product page
  • Create biased keywords lists that limit the scope of the keywords they research (giving you fewer highly-relevant keywords to optimize your page with)
  • Or worse, not doing anything at all with your new or existing product page keywords, leaving the keyword improvement for “someday” and all the while losing sales


Resulting in…

  • Product pages that never achieve a Page 1 rank in Amazon search
  • New or existing products that don’t sell (or don’t sell as much as they could be)
  • Missed opportunities to rank for a more diverse range of keyword phrases
  • Keywords that violate Amazon’s Terms of Service, triggering a page or account suspension



How Much Would a List of High-Quality, Highly-Relevant, Professionally Researched Keyword Phrases Converting be Worth to Your Amazon Sales?


We recently purchased 3 keyword lists and used them to update our terribly outdated product pages. I’m excited to report that as of this week, all three pages are ranking for 5 or more top searched keyword phrases. Our sales have already increased by 30%. We’ve just placed another order for a new product we are launching.

– Alice Lyon

I am using these keyword lists and optimizing our pages like a pro! The search volumes and keyword placement recommendations have be very helpful in figuring out which are the best keywords to place in the Title and Feature Bullets.

– Nicki Serquinia



I hate keyword research, and I suck at it, so I’ve bought a lot of keyword lists from various places, Frankly, most of them were junk. The keyword lists I purchased from Lisa Suttora and her team are different anything I’ve purchased elsewhere.

Not only are they substantiated by search volume and market research, but they gave me ideas keyword phrases I never would have thought of. Most importantly, my sales have increased up to 72% on the pages that I’ve re-optimized. Thanks Lisa. You have a customer for life.

– Mike Horton

What You’ll Get with Each Keyword List

  • A Comprehensive Keyword List with the highly-relevant, top-searched Primary Keyword Phrases for your product
  • 30 Day Search Volume for each keyword phrase (pulled from Amazon’s data)
  • Keyword Placement Recommendations (Know where to place your keywords on your product page – Title, Feature Bullets, Description, Search Terms for optimization Page Rank)
  • Your Curated Keyword List is validated using our market research and validation process
  • Keyword research by our experienced U.S. team of page optimization experts
  • BONUS: Use the Keyword Lists for your Amazon Sponsored Ads 


With Each Professional Keyword List You’ll Benefit from Our Years of Skills, Knowledge and Experience



Over the past 10 years, I’ve created and optimized more than 2000 Amazon product pages for both my own products and those of my consulting clients. With 16 years experience selling on Amazon, I know how to write product pages that sell.

Now I’m bringing this expertise to your product pages. – Lisa Suttora

Get Started Today!


  • Each keyword list is for a single ASIN. Variations are included in the list as long as they are the exact product as the primary ASIN
  • Upon purchase of a keyword list you’ll receive a link to our online Product Data form to complete with all relevant information about your product
  • Note: This form must be fully completed to begin your keyword research
  • Upon completion, you will receive a spreadsheet that contains your comprehensive keyword list, along with 30 day search volume and keyword placement recommendations
  • Turnaround time is 10 days from the date we receive your completed Product Data Form

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USA Based Team of Copywriters Lead by Lisa Suttora

Our US based team of optimization specialists:

  • Have experience selling in the Amazon marketplace, page optimization, SEO, and written marketing communications experience
  • Have In-depth experience in Amazon competitive analysis
  • Are personally trained in by Lisa Suttora in her proprietary, results driven Amazon page optimization methodology
  • Current on all Amazon Terms of Service policies (both published TOS and unpublished TOS)
  • All copywriters are US based with English as their first language



Supplements, Ingestibles, Over the Counter Medical Creams (for humans or pets)

Due to legal and FDA compliance issues, we do not provide keywords for supplements and other medical ingestible products.

International Product Pages

At this time provide keyword lists only (no international keyword lists)


Refund Policy

Keyword list requests may be cancelled within 24 hours, and must be requested PRIOR to our team starting work on your keyword list



100% Satisfaction

If you have any questions about your keyword list we are here to help!