holidayboxesThis is my 15th holiday selling season (7 offline & 8 online!) whew!

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you CAN’T do it all during the short 90 days of the core holiday season from September to December.

(And if you try to do it ALL it will just hurt your sales.)

In fact, over the years I’ve identified the 10 MOST IMPORTANT steps you need to take in your online business in order to boost your holiday sales.

But online strategies change so quickly, these 10 steps are not the same every year.

That’s why I’ve created this brand new 2009 Holiday Season Checklist Audio + PDF to guide you through the 10 most important steps to prepare for THIS year’s holiday selling season.

It’s like having me sit right next to you at your desk, coaching you through your holiday prep.

I’ve priced this 90 minute MP3 audio & PDF workbook at the ridiculously affordable price of $15 THROUGH Wednesday October 14th at midnight.

Just one of the tips in the audio helped Melinda sell seasonal merchandise she didn’t even know she had.

I want to thank you for the idea of repositioning my everyday merchandise for the holiday season.

I hadn’t really planned on selling anything special this holiday season as I was feeling that I’d started too late.

Low and behold I sold 3 items last week to a customer who wanted them for Halloween.

They’d been sitting in my store forever.

If I hadn’t featured them as you instructed, I’m sure they’d still be sitting there.

Thanks for helping me to see my inventory in a different light!

I fully expect to sell much more this holiday!

Melinda Everst
Chicago, IL

Oh and a side note – not only am I offering this Holiday Season Checklist Audio + PDF for only $15.

I’ve also thrown in a juicy bonus for fast action takers…

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