Sharons’ Amazon business took her from FBA to the ziplines of Costa Rica.

If you’ve been wondering what it really takes to build a six-figure Amazon FBA business…

I’d like you to meet Sharon. Sharon is a mid-six figure Amazon FBA business owner, long-time client and student of mine and a shining example of a successful 3rd party merchant, selling on Amazon FBA.

Sharon got started in ecommerce with an eBay store.

During a business strategy session three years ago, I said to Sharon “You should start selling these products on Amazon as well. It will allow you to scale your business.

That conversation changed her business and her life.

Scale she did!

It took several months, but Sharon was approved to sell in the jewelry category.

Next came product line expansion.

Country Living found one of her new products on Amazon and featured it in their November 2011 issue. It sold out immediately.

In 2011, Sharon had a break-out year. It was at that point she realized what was possible for her business.

Sharon’s Strategy

Sharon has built her business with a strategy. Using the Holistic Business Plan, Sharon has put the right things into place one step at a time.

Sharon primarily sources her inventory wholesale.

She focuses on building relationships with her suppliers.

She attends tradeshows.

She frequents Idea Hotspots looking for new product trends.

She’s not using get rich quick methods to build her business, but rather a solid strategy.  As a result she is building a continually thriving, business on Amazon.

Sharon doesn’t do “surface sourcing” (trying to source the top 2% of products). She puts time, thought and effort into building her product line.

She has aggressive “stretchable” goals (goals that are doable, but make you stretch)  for her business.

She works the business every day.

This year, she’s focusing on putting systems in place.

She’s grown the business to the point that she needs to start building her team.  That requires systems, documentation, tools and training.

With her next big leap to $750K in clear sight this year, Sharon knows that sourcing more high-quality inventory is her biggest focus.

The “Face” of FBA

In 2012, Sharon took her first trip to Cost Rica. She loved it so much, she made a commitment to take her entire family of seven to Costa Rica in February 2013 using her Amazon FBA revenue.

That’s Sharon on the zip-line at the top of this post. Below she is headed out for an afternoon of horseback riding. Her face says it all.

While in Costa Rica Sharon sent me an email.

Hi Lisa!
Greetings from Costa Rica.  Yes, we are having FUN!  Amazon FBA is in my blood now. I  went sourcing in a Costa Rican grocery store yesterday.
Attached are pics of my grandson, me with my zip line guys.

Thank you, Lisa.  you helped make this all possible.

Sharon ….  sunburned, bug bitten and having the time of my life!

What it Takes To Build a Six-Figure FBA Business

If you want to build a six (or seven) figure like Sharon, you need to have a plan. You must start from where you are today (not from where you wish you were), look at your goals, resources and put a plan into action.

If you aim at nothing, you WILL hit it (guaranteed).

In my Strategic Biz Marketing program, I work with many business owners like who are on the path (or have arrived) at building a multi-six figure business this year.

To build a mid-six figure business on Amazon (or multi-channel) this year, you’ll need

  1. A strategy and plan to work every day that will get you there
  2. Real feedback on what is/isn’t working in your business (I see so many people repeatedly doing things that don’t work, because they don’t know what else to do.)
  3. The knowledge to source in-demand products that sell on a regular basis on Amazon
  4. The skills to get your products visible on Amazon
  5. Strategies to outsell the competition
  6. A plan for driving additional buyers to your business
  7. The right tools to make it all happen faster and more smoothly

The Strategic Biz Marketing program provides the support, direction and strategy you need to take your Amazon or multi-channel sales to the next level.

If you’d like to meet Sharon, hear more about her story and spend the rest of your year actually reaching your goals, you can learn more about what we do in the Strategic Biz Marketing here.

I’ll be interviewing Sharon for an exclusive Strategic Biz Marketing call in early May.

Until April 30th, you can save up to 31% when you join us in the Strategic Biz Marketing program. Get a plan, training and support while you build your five, six or seven figure business on Amazon FBA.

Yours in online selling success,