Amazon has been doing a massive removal of product reviews this weekend.

Sellers are losing up to hundreds or thousands of product reviews on a single product.

This review sweep is targeted at removing fake, purchased, and incentivized reviews.

However, legitimate customer product reviews are also getting caught in the net and removed in this sweep.

Additionally, if you’ve had product reviews removed, Amazon has likely made your product ineligible to receive future product reviews.

So whether you have or have not participated in obtaining fraudulent product reviews, keep reading to find out what to do next…

1. Review your product pages to see if you’ve lost any product reviews.

2. If you’ve participated in any kind of Amazon TOS violating review manipulation and those reviews have been removed, they are gone for good.

3. If you’ve participated in any kind of Amazon TOS violating review manipulation and those reviews have not yet been removed, they will be.

4. If you’ve had legitimate product reviews removed, and Amazon determines they are legitimate, they may be restored upon further review by Amazon.

5. If you are doing ANY kind of TOS violating review manipulation including:

  • Purchased reviews
  • Incentivized reviews
  • Rebating reviewers with PayPal or cash
  • Pay with reviews by gift card
  • Giveaways to get reviews
  • Selling products at a deep discount to get reviews
  • Friend, family or acquaintance reviews


Amazon is out to remove these reviews and sellers who are abusing the review policies.

6. If you participate in Facebook review groups, get out NOW.

Amazon is in many of the Facebook review groups, and they know who is participating in these TOS violating practices.

Even if you think you’re in a super, secret, safe review group, you’re not.

7. If you participate in giveaway groups, or deep discount groups, get out NOW.

Amazon is not messing around this time.

8. If you are paying a super black hat ninja with all the guarantees that “his way” is safe, it’s not.

9. If you have participated in any of the TOS violating activities above, there is nothing you can do except wait and see what happens to your reviews.

If you are a long-time reader, you know I don’t support or teach Amazon Terms of Service violating strategies.

Not only is it not ethical, it’s not a sustainable way to do business.

I knew this review removal sweep would happen at some point (didn’t think it would take this long.)

But I also know that many of you have participated in these practices and are now worried about your sales and your business now that you’ve lost a high percentage of fake product reviews.

I want to assure you that you can rebuild your sales, and this time do it in a sustainable way.

But first, take the steps above to prevent further trouble!