Do you have a blog?  Do you want more traffic to that blog or to your website or online store?

If so, I want to invite you to join me in doing some NO COST marketing for your business over the next 30 days!

You see a blog is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, eBay store, ecommerce site or anywhere else you sell.

Not only is your blog your home on the internet, blogs are favored by Google, provide inbound links to your website or store, give you a place to sell directly from, help you establish your expertise in a niche, and are very “sticky” (meaning customers will stick around.)

Blogs do all this and more…


You update them with new posts!

Problem is, most people don’t which renders their blogs USELESS.

All that good, free, traffic going to waste. 🙁

30 Day Blog Challenge!

That’s why my good friend and Internet strategist Dr Jeanette Cates is hosting the 5th “30 Day Blog Challenge!”

You’ll find all the info here.

Participation is free.

PS: Think blog marketing isn’t productive?

Last night I checked my traffic stats and found that my BLOG had generated 7 TIMES more traffic than a PAID marketing program that cost me several thousand dollars last year!

Now do you see why I’m doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

C’mon with me and let’s get some marketing done in June!