If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Pinterest picture can be worth thousands of dollars to your online business.

Pinterest (pronounced like interest with a p at the beginning) has rapidly become one of the best ways to show the world what you sell…

You can use Pinterest to get more brand visibility and gain new customers! 

(Whether you sell on Amazon, eBay or your from your own website.)

Best of all, Pinterest is quick and easy to use, and lends itself perfectly to the visual marketing power that drives product sales.

Pinterest and online sales go together like peanut butter and jelly. 🙂

Pinterest Power

At this point, you may be wondering if Pinterest is just the “latest and greatest” social media craze to hit the Internet. (Or even worse, another giant time-sink.)

Quite the contrary.  As you’re about to see, Pinterest has “marketing chops”.

  • Pinterest currently gets 12 million unique visitors per month. (That’s up from 1 million per month in July 2011.)

But even more importantly…

  • Pinterest currently refers more traffic to  external sites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn COMBINED.
  • In one case study, Pinterest referral traffic to five specialty retailers rose 289% between July and Decmember 2011.
  • Pinterest has 9 million connected Facebook users, which means your Pinterest marketing can do double duty on Facebook!

More marketing bang for your efforts is ALWAYS a good thing!

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest is an online “social bulletin board” that allows you to post images that can be shared with others.


1. Each image you post links directly back to your website or product listing.

2. When you post an image, it’s displayed on the Pinterst boards for everyone to see.


3. When Pinterest users known as “Pinners” see an image they like, they can either:

Click the image and be taken directly to your store and make a purchase

Re-pin your image (with a link to your store) for all their Pinterest friends to see
Give you product a public endorsement by clicking the Like button for all to see
Interact with you on Pinterest in the comments

This adorable baby party dress from Spool.No72 has been repinned over 400 times.

You can see why the website referral traffic on Pinterest is so high.

You can also post Pin It buttons on your website so that visitors to your website who are also on Pinterest can pin a product for you!

(Think of a Facebook “Like” with a visual “Pow!”)


The Pinterest Difference

The biggest difference between Pinterest and other types of social media marketing is the emphasis on visual images.

There  is no lengthy written content required!

One of the biggest roadblocks for business owners to overcome is that they struggle with what to post about their business.

On Pinterest, your product image does the talking! All you do is add a short comment or caption below your product image and allow the Pinterest community to do the rest!

Another thing I like about Pinterest is the ease of interaction. Because it’s all about the images, you can Pin an image from your website in seconds.

Re-pinning, Liking and engaging with the Pinterest community is relaxing, easy and fun!

Most importantly, shoppers are only ONE CLICK away from your product page every time you pin an image.


Getting Started on Pinterest

Pinterest is currently accepting users by invitation only.

To get your own Pinterest invitation, click here.

You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:





I received my Pinterest invitation in about 5 days. It many take up to 14 days to receive an invitation.  It will come to you via email.

If you’re already on Pinterest, click the button below to follow me on Pinterest…

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I’m also actively sharing products I’ve love that are sold by my clients and students, readers!

There’s much more to know about using Pinterest for Ecommerce.

Coming up on March 1st, I’ll be sharing more about this exciting new social marketing tool!

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