Do you have a skill, hobby or passion that you are an expert in?

Did you know you can take that expertise, package it up and sell it to an audience who is interested learning what you know?

Jeanette Cates is an expert in taking what YOU know and helping you turn it into a product that you can sell.

This week on Edge Ecommerce Radio, Jeanette shared a powerful way to generate an income stream in your business by leveraging your expertise.

On the show we discussed:

– how to decide if and when you’re an expert
– why you want to start leveraging your expertise into info products
– three quick info products you can create
– why talking may be the fastest way to write
– the mistakes that people make that keep them from profiting from their info products – and how to avoid them!m

Click here to listen to the interview with Jeanette and find out how YOU can leverage your expertise.