This year, Easter is projected to be an $18+ billion dollar selling season (last year sales of Easter products raked in $17.3 billion dollars).

And while you may think Easter is all about selling candy (2.4 billion in 2016) – there are many other non-food categories that saw a huge boost in sales:

– – $2.7 billion spent on Easter gifts
– – $3 billion spent on clothing
– – $1 billion on decorations and party supplies
– – $2.5 billion on home goods

This year, consumers are projected to spend 26.9% more online on Easter purchases.

So how can YOU capitalize on this lucrative selling season?

The easiest way is by creating Easter themed bundles.

With products that you can source from local stores or online.

Every year, they sell like CRAZY on Amazon.

Here are 11 ideas to get you started!

  • Girls Easter hat, gloves, purse & necklace (you can find these items on sale at dollar stores right now)
  • Easter party decorations – mix and match some cool prints and patterns (this is one of my favoites!)
  • Boy themed pre-made Easter baskets – package candy, a toy, a nice basket and wrap it in brightly colored plastic with a bow!
  • Girl themed pre-made Easter baskets – package candy, a toy, a nice basket and wrap it in brightly colored plastic with a bowl
  • Socks and nail polish basket (fun spring designs and colors can be sourced at discount stores)
  • Easter window cling assortment (these sell out really fast in stores, so people head to Amazon to shop.)
  • Easter home decoration bundle (Easter decorations sell out quickly in stores, so people head to Amazon)
  • Easter tree with ornaments (check the craft stores)
  • Gluten Free Easter basket
  • Easter Egg Hunt bundle – Extra large, large and medium plastic eggs. Toys, rings, candy, stickers
  • And of course food themed bundles! Easter candy, cookies, chips, crackers, organic foods, healthy foods… think creatively!

So, now that I have the wheels turning, here’s the other half of successfully selling Easter bundles. 🙂

You can’t just put a few products together, call it a bundle and hope that it will sell!

1. You MUST create an optimized product page for your bundle on Amazon, so people find your bundle when searching (or your bundle won’t sell)

2. You MUST package your bundle correctly. It has to present well

3. You must price your bundle correctly

4. And write good sales copy that SELLs your bundle.

5. You need to get your bundle listed on Amazon SOON – Easter shoppers are beginning to shop NOW.

If you’ve never created a bundle before, or have never created a successful bundle, my step-by-step Amazon Bundles training will walk you through the process.

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No matter what you currently sell, the Easter selling season is a great way to boost your sales over the next 6 weeks AND get you started selling profitable bundles on Amazon.