As we move closer towards Christmas day, I’ve been hearing from many of  you that you’re beginning to feel swamped and overwhelmed.

Sales are picking up, personal holiday duties are picking up and you’re starting to panic at the thought of attempting to do it all!

It’s a very valid concern…

Because no one can do it ALL by themselves!

As multi-tasking entrepreneurs, we already do a LOT! During the holiday season, our responsibilities triple or quadruple.

That’s why I want you take what I’m about to say next, VERY seriously…

NOW is the time to “Beg, Borrow or Buy help!”

Whether it’s:

  • Help with the business
  • Help at home
  • Help with personal errands

You can’t be shy about asking for help or worry about “putting people out”.

“But I don’t have money to pay for help.” you say.

Help doesn’t always need to come in the form of paid compensation.  There are plenty of people in your life who would love to help you during this busy time if you’d only ask!

Make a choice to ASK for what you need and let others be responsible for determining if they can help you.

  • Now is the time to ask your spouse or friends to help you wrap and ship a few evenings a week.
  • Now is the time to put the kids to work doing basic household chores.
  • Now is the time to call a friend and ASK for help!

For example:

“Hey Christine. Help! I’m happily swamped here with orders! And I need your help!!! Would you be willing to come over on Saturday and help me get the rest of
my holiday items listed?  Then  I’ll treat you to dinner and a movie Saturday night.”

Help doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Many people would love to make a little extra shopping money for a few hours of work each week!


  • The neighborhood kids
  • Your niece your nephew
  • Your church youth group
  • Your children!a

…if they want to make a little extra holiday money for the next month.

Those of you who have done  this are successfully breaking through the  “Lone Ranger Biz Owner Syndrome!”

Some of you have tapped friends to help through the holiday season, and even though the paycheck is not huge, your friends have been THRILLED to help.

Here’s the bottom line…

You need more than yourself in your business to make things happen!

The sooner you realize that, the MORE money you’ll make!

So who are YOU going to ask for help today?

Tell me below!