Pinterest referral traffic to online stores continues to soar to new heights.

… As do SALES that are the result of this traffic!

A recent study from Steelhouse, a behavioral commerce company reports that Pinterest users are 79 percent more likely to PURCHASE  items they saw pinned on Pinterest versus Facebook users.

Sold for $3200!

A few weeks ago I hosted a teleseminar on Pinterest for my friend and colleague Lynn Dralle, The Queen of Auctions.

Lynn has sold thousands of dollars worth of collectibles on eBay each month for the past 10 years and was brand new to Pinterest.

While on the telseminar, Lynn had her daughter pin a Russian Icon (one of the most expensive items in her store) on Pinterest.

Lynn shared with us that it had been sitting in her store “forever”and the only offer she’d received on it was TWO YEARS AGO for $2500.

Within DAYS of the Russion Icon being pinned to Pinterest, it sold for $3200!

That’s the POWER of Pinterest! And the power of visual social marketing.

Now… does this mean that every single item you pin to Pinterest will sell within DAYS? Of course not!

But it DOES mean that if your business doesn’t have the right presence on Pinterest, you’re MISSING out on new sales you could be easily getting.

  • That being said, you CAN’T just pin an item to Pinterest and MAGICALLY expect to get traffic OR sales
  • There is a SPECIFIC way you need to create your product pins
  • Certain things you need to do (and NOT do)when pinning from Amazon and eBay
  • Ways that you can push Pinterest traffic to your store/products through the roof

All strategies I cover step-by-step in my 5 video series Pinterest for Ecommerce.

Pinterest for Holiday Sales

There are only 41 days until the beginning of the Fall/Pre-Holiday selling season. 

With Pinterest for Ecommerce, you’ll be ramped up correctly on Pinterest in under 2 hours.

In ecommerce, if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re falling behind.

Something you don’t want to happen going into the biggest sales season of the year!


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