Let’s get this week off to a great start!

Today I’m going to share with you how I achieved a PAGE 1 Google ranking over a weekend…

(Actually, it’s TWO “Page 1’s”, but I’ll get to that in a moment.)

Is it really possible to drive targeted traffic to your store or website by creating a simple video that ties into a CURRENT event?

The answer is yes!

I recently posted an article at my blog explaining how to capitalize on increased Earth Day Traffic and use it to drive traffic to eco-friendly products in your store.

Last week I decided to take that exact SAME principle and apply it to another big current event – The Royal Wedding.

Because Kate Middleton’s parents run a successful ecommerce website, I went to their e-tail site and  created a 13 minute educational video critique of their site.

The results from that video have been nothing less than SPECTACULAR.

And I wanted to share them with you… because YOU can apply this same method to your business!

How I Achieved TWO Page 1 Rankings with One Video… (and a whole lot more)!

On Friday morning 4/29/2011 I created an exclusive video titled:

Kate Middleton Family Business Party Pieces Ecommerce Website Review

I posted the video on YouTube on Friday afternoon 4/29/2011.

If you haven’t viewed the video yet, you won’t want to miss it!  Watch it here.

By Sunday afternoon 5/1, a mere 48 HOURS later, these are the results I’d achieved from posting ONE video:

1. The video has a PAGE 1 ranking on Google (search terms: middleton family business) in the 8th spot
2. The video has received over 1400 views on my YouTube channel
3. I received a private invitation from YouTube to submit this video to their “Individual Video Partnership” program for ad revenue share
4. Traffic from YouTube to my website was up 236%
5. I’ve added 321 new subscribers to my newsletter (Welcome!)
6. It is the #1 RANKED video on YouTube for the keywords “middleton family business”.

… ABOVE the CNN Money video on the Middleton family business

… ABOVE the Fox News video on their family business

Not bad for 48 hours, eh?

Two Page 1 Rankings for a High-Quality Content Video Tied to a Current Event

According to the YouTube Individual Video Partnership program documentation, it can take up to two weeks for a video to be reviewed and accepted into the program.

So I was very pleased on Monday morning to see that my video had been accepted into the program less than 16 hours later and Google Ads are being displayed on both the Kate Middleton Family Business Video and on my YouTube Channel on the right hand side of the video.

Curious to see the stats on my Adsense account, I found that in just a few hours the Google Adsense ads had received:

  • 502 impressions
  • Had a .80% click-through rate
  • And I’ve made $5.40 in rev share from this video in about 3 hours.

As a side note, I’ve not used Adsense before, so I first needed to get my Adsense account approved.  I applied and was approved on Sunday.

Before I applied for both the YouTube Individual Video Partnership and Adsense, I spent about 2 hours researching the YouTube & Google Help docs as well as the forums to make sure that I knew exactly how to apply to the programs correctly.

I spent time reading through the case studies and questions other people had posted, so that everything was in order when I applied. (Even then, the application and approval process was a bit confusing.)

Putting in the time upfront to do your research and due diligence pays off.

There’s a lot more to share about what my thought process was behind making this video and how you can apply the same approach to your business.

I’m considering doing an upcoming teleseminar on it to share what I did.

But for now, check out the Party Pieces website critique video to see how I put  it together.

And in addition to learning how to market via YouTube, you’ll also learn 18 tips on how to better sell your products online.

It’s  an excellent 13 minute video chock full of tips and insights into what needs to go on a successful ecommerce website (or eBay listing for that matter).
Yours in Success,

Lisa Suttora
Marketing. Strategy. Mindset.
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