halloweenWhen you hear the words “Halloween sales” your first thoughts are likely to be of costumes and candy.

And you probably think this holiday selling season doesn’t apply to you.

But no matter what you sell where you sell it there are many ways you can monetize this holiday and create a stream of income from Halloween sales.

You see, costumes and candy sales represent only a small fraction of Halloween sales each year.

Halloween has now become the second-largest decorating holiday behind the Christmas season.

In fact this year, shoppers are expected to spend $56 million dollars on everything from high-tech wizardry such as voice activated skeletons to Halloween clothes and accessories.

You can sell…

  • Indoor decorations
  • Outdoor decorations
  • Halloween trees
  • Halloween gifts
  • Halloween themed dishes, cups, platters, bowls and utensils
  • Halloween themed towels, sheets, bedding
  • Picture frames, books, movies,CDs
  • Halloween jewelry, lighting
  • Halloween cookie cutters, cake pans, candles, placemats, buckets, bags
  • Halloween bathrobes, pajamas
  • Limited edition Halloween Webkinz

You get the idea!  There are a LOT of ways to monetize this popular holiday.

And what if you don’t want to sell physical products, but rather information products?

How about eBooks, DVDs, or special reports on…

  • How to create a specific kind of Halloween costume
  • A compilation of Halloween jokes
  • How to throw a fun and scary Halloween party,
  • Cool and clever Halloween treats
  • How to turn an old Halloween costume into a new one
  • A report on the most popular Halloween costumes
  • Halloween recipes
  • How to build a haunted house
  • How to decorate your yard for Halloween
  • Halloween party games

About three weeks ago at our local grocery store, I spotted these cool Halloween snow globes with skeleton heads inside a globe filled with gold & black snow. A really clever blend of two traditional holiday decorations.  The globes were on pedestals and priced at $29.99.  Three weeks later they were sold out.

Now of course if you read the media assessment of this year’s Halloween’s sales you’ll see sensational comments like “Halloween to be Frightening for Retailers” & “Halloween Sales Turn Ugly”.  C’mon folks!  This is a $5 billion dollar industry that expects to see a slight downturn in 2009.  It’s still a HUGE market.  With thriving sales.

Of course you have to have the products that people are looking for.  Like the Halloween Snow Globes.  Or the hot costumes of the year such as

Halloween decorating gives people a lift and also helps them connect with one another, a comforting trend during uncertain times…

So give it a try – find something Halloween related to sell this year!  You might find yourself in for a real treat!