Think Halloween products only sell in the month’s before October 31st? Not if you sell online!

In the online world, Halloween themed products sell all year long.

Whether for kid’s dress-up play, a themed costume party, a local school drama club production or the Halloween collectibles shopper, the only place you can off-season Halloween products is online.

Seasonal Halloween sales are a $7 billion dollar industry, reports  the National Retail Federation.

But off-season sales are strong all year long.

According to Terapeak Research, more than $2 million dollars worth of Halloween products were sold on eBay between Nov 1, 2010 and January 31, 2011.

Another 1.9 million in Halloween product sales happened on eBay between Feb 1, 2011 and April 30th.

And because most people don’t think about selling Halloween themed products throughout the year, if you’re one of the lucky sellers in this niche, you can have a strong foothold in this market.

Sourcing Halloween Products at Rock Bottom Prices

So what’s the best way to source great inventory for this multi-billion dollar niche?

Get started on Halloween of course!

October 31st (and often before) marks the date that offline retailers start taking deep discounts on their Halloween products. Unlike online merchants, brick-and-mortar stores can’t display Halloween merchandise all year long.

Beginning the week before Halloween and continuing until the last scary pumpkin is sold off the shelf, scour your local stores for great deals on Halloween products.

Here is a list of products to look for:

  • Kids costumes
  • Adult costumes
  • Face makeup
  • Wigs
  • Dept 56 and other collectible Halloween houses

  • Halloween nutcrackers
  • Halloween candy
  • Pet costumes
  • Large/life sized Halloween decor (used for drama productions, set designs, themed parties)

Even Halloween candy! Already bags of Autumn Mix candy are selling on eBay for up to six times what you can buy them  for at local stores.  (One bag sold for $45!)

And don’t forget:

  • Halloween themed jewelry
  • Halloween bedding and towels
  • Halloween colored light bulbs
  • Halloween CDs and DVDs

Even Halloween board games!

If you’re looking for ideas about what to source, head over to eBay or Amazon and using the keyword “halloween” do some research and see what’s selling!  You’ll be surprised at the plethora of different products that make up this $7 billion dollar niche.

Then, armed with Terapeak for eBay and FBAScout for Amazon, head to your local store and scout the deals, looking for items that are selling for pennies on the dollar.  Don’t delay though, the best deals sell out early… so get some sourcing time in today.

And don’t forget about wholesale suppliers, if you find this is a niche you like, go to a trade show or do locate a wholesale supplier so that you can source and sell Halloween themed inventory all year long!

PS: Looking for a hot niche? Think Zombies.  This new MSNBC article reveals that Zombie related product sales are worth over $5 billion dollars to the economy.

So don’t less this multi-billion dollar opportunity pass you by! The products make be scary, but the profits are a treat!

Happy Halloween!


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