Happy Valentine’s Day !

For millions of people across the world, today is the day of love.

This morning I got up early to fix my kids a special breakfast that included
strawberry pink milk and scones with bright red raspberry jam.

I also sent some notes to friends and loved ones, to tell them I appreciate them.

… But there are two other “loves” I want to acknowledge today!

First…  I appreciate my online business for the personal growth, financial security
and opportunities it’s brought me over the past 9 years. I still love it as
much as the day I started!

… But MOST importantly I appreciate YOU, my dedicated group of ENTREPRENEURIAL readers!

For your unending determination, business building tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit!

YOU and your small business are the heart of our economy.

Located in virtually every neighborhood, you’re part of one of the fastest
growing business movements in the world!

And it’s because of this, I’d like to celebrate THIS Valentine’s Day as…

“I Love Online Business Day”

And I want to celebrate by GIVING BACK to those of you who LOVE online business as much as I do….

…So I’ve done something today that I’ve never done before!

I’ve taken 7 of my BEST SELLING products and priced each of them at $14!

===> Drop Shipping: The Myths. The Facts. The Strategies.
===> Help! My Business Isn’t Making Enough Money! How to Plug the Money Leaks and Turn On the Money Faucets in Your Business…
===> 10 Things Your Supplier Won’t Tell You (but that are critical to the success of your business!)
===> SMART Strategies: The eBay Elephant
===> SMART Strategies: Unlocking the eBay Keyword Vault
===> SMART Strategies: Mindset Entrepreneur
===> SMART Strategies: Sourcing Products at Trade Shows

http://www.whatdoisell.com/cmd.php?Ad=541767 << Grab one or grab ’em all!

This represents a savings of 60-80%!

But at these prices, I can only ‘share the love’ for the 48 hours!

http://www.whatdoisell.com/cmd.php?Ad=541767 << It’s a sweetheart of a deal

So do something NICE for YOU and your BUSINESS today!

… AND take some time to connect with YOUR loved ones.

Have a wonderful ‘heart’ day! 🙂


Yours in Success,

Lisa Suttora
Marketing. Strategy. Mindset.
Your success is the sum of the actions you take daily.®