You’ve probably heard about that “little” wedding that happened today? 🙂

(And yes it’s spawning lots of new product trends.)

What you might NOT know is that Kate Middleton’s mom started a very successful ecommerce business as a stay-at-home mom of 3 little kids!

With a passion, a niche and an idea, she built her tiny business into one of the UK’s leading e-tail sites!

… So while the rest of the world was focusing on the wedding, I went over to the Middleton’s online store and did an EXCLUSIVE website critique video.

I put their website through my 18 point website test!

Did it make the grade?

Click here to watch my exclusive video critique of the Middleton family business website Party Pieces.

Just a few of the things we looked at were:

• Website layout
• Navigation
• Product line
• Social medial interaction
• Product page SEO
• Content marketing
• Search engine rankings
• EmailMarketing
• Marketing strategy
• And more!

There’s a LOT you can take away from this video if you sell products online.

PS: This is a world exclusive video. I’m the first to do a video critique of the Middleton
family online store.

Could be history in the making and YOU saw it here first. 😉

While watching the video, give it a “Like” if you please. 🙂

Enjoy, learn and implement!

Yours in Success,

Lisa Suttora
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