christmascarIt’s November 3rd!  And we are NOW in the holiday selling season homestretch.

This is my 16th holiday selling season (online AND offline!) and so my body automatically jumps into “sprint mode” for the remaining two months of  the year.

I love the extra burst of energy I get this time of year!

So let’s get busy!  LOL! 🙂

Seriously though – if you sell products online, this IS showtime!

And things can get hectic for even the most seasoned online sellers this time of year…

Which is why I want you to know that I am here EVERY step of the way for YOU this holiday season – helping you navigate smoothly through this time of increased sales, more customer service questions and LOTS of wrapping, packing and shipping!

To do this – you & I will need a communication plan for the next 50 days (until December 22…)

1. Twitter. During the next 50 days I’m going to be the second pair of eyes on your business.

I’ll be sending out daily reminders of things you need to think about  BEFORE they need to be implemented.

I’ll help keep you on track – so YOU can focus on your sales and your customers.

To get these daily tips and reminders, you’ll need to follow me on Twitter.

I’ll be Tweeting several times a day with your key business reminders, as well as Hot Trend Alerts, holiday marketing tips, and ideas for making some S.T.E.P.s (Short Term Ecommerce Profits tm) this season.

2. The Discussion Forum. If you have an issue/question/strategy that you need my input on, the best (and quickest) way to reach me is in my private Discussi on Forum.  I’m in there weekly, along with several  of our experienced and sage sellers who will be your resource, your inspiration, and your holiday selling network.

NOTE: The current trial membership offer ends November 12th.  For good!  (You won’t see a trial offered at this price again.)

Alright gang!  This is it.  Let’s rock-n-roll and get this holiday selling party goin’!

PS:  I forgot to mention – I’m NOT going to overwhelm you with “things to do”!

No! This is all about being a lean, efficient, holiday selling machine.  AND having time for your family and YOUR OWN holidays.

Your Partner in Online Holiday Selling Success,

Lisa Suttora