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Enhanced Brand Content

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• Introduction to Enhanced Brand Content
• What is Enhanced Brand Content
• Who can use Enhanced Brand Content
• Enhanced Brand Content vs. A+ Content
• Benefits & Drawbacks of Enhanced Brand Content


• Enhanced Brand Content Violations
• Should I use EBC if my current product description is selling well?


• The Mechanics of Setting of your Enhanced Brand Content Page
• Amazon Page Approval


• How to Lay Out Your Enhanced Brand Content for Engagement, Readability, Sales Conversion (without knowing this, you may as well not use EBH)
• The #1 Mistake that Enhanced Brand Content Creators Make
• The #1 Thing You MUST Do to Get Your EBC to Convert to Sales


• Creating EBC Images that Engage Buyers and Convert Sales
• How to Use Image Text Overlay to Make it Easy for Customers to Buy Your Product
• Creating Unique Images that Differentiate
• The type of Images NOT to use (that aren’t effective or that Amazon won’t allow)
• Turning text content into images that sell
• Using logos, trademarks and fonts on your images
• Image Guidelines


• WHAT to say in your Enhanced Brand Content
• Easy ways to come up with ideas of what to say in your EBC
• How to address the EXACT points your buyers wants to read to convince them to buy
• How to address the problem your product solves and communicate that to the customer with EBC
• How to use EBC to tell your brand story
• Creative ways to use EBC to sell more products!
• How to get ideas and inspiration for your EBC


• How to test and track the effectiveness  of your Enhanced Brand Content

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