This week I shared with you that it’s my 8 year anniversary as an online entrepreneur.

I also shared the single biggest factor behind my success over the years.

Well something big came out of it that will help YOU with your business in 2010.


What I discussed in the email really touched a lot of you – I received more than 60 long emails in response –

Congratulations, appreciation – and also many very detailed emails in which you shared your stories, your struggles, and your successes.

And it was these emails that made me realize the time is RIGHT to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for several years..


You see one of the COMMON threads I heard was:

“I’ve tried all the get rich quick programs, attempted the strategies, things I see others do, but I’m still not succeeding the way I’d hoped in my business.”

Well, there’s a REASON for this – and it’s something I’ve observed for many years.


MOST people don’t have a clear picture of ALL the ingredients that go into being a successful Internet entrepreneur on a daily basis.

In fact there are HUGE pieces of the puzzle missing –

Whether it’s:

==> Implementing the fundamentals correctly
==> Knowing if you’re pursuing the right type of business
==> Having the Entrepreneurial Mindset
==> Finding time to market
==> Having the funding to grow your business,
==> Understanding how to fit building a business into an already busy life
==> Overcoming fear and doubt
==> Knowing what information to trust and what works< br />==> Using the right tools to grow you business

(And a whole lot more.)

ALL pieces of the DAILY puzzle that no one talks about –

Until now.


Growing a sucessful business is no different than
cooking a dish from a recipe.

Leave out a several ingredients and your dish won’t turn out!



To be a successful Internet entrepreneur you need:

==> The strategies
==> The mindset
==> And all the little DETAILS of how to run a successful business on a DAILY basis.

MOST people never get any traction because they’re running their business in a hit or miss fashion.



Up until now, my newsletters have been primarily focused on ecommerce strategies.

What to sell.  How to sell it.

But it’s not enough.  You need the ALL the ingredients.

The ingredients you’re not getting anywhere else.

So after 8 years online, the time is  right for me to teach you ALL the ins and outs!

I know what it takes.  I’ve made the mistakes.

I’ve found the right paths. I’ve weeded out the what works and what doesn’t.


Announcing Daily iPreneur(tm)


What is Daily iPreneur(tm)?

Well it will start with THIS newsletter. And expand to much more in 2010.

In addition to providing the leading-edge ecommerce strategies you’ve
relied on over the years…

I ‘ll be covering ALL the ingredients for Internet Entrepreneurs
(iPreneurs) that go into creating a successful online business on a daily basis!

Daily iPreneur(tm) will focus on the SEVEN “I” ingredients:

1. I = Internet. Focused attention on the SKILLS required to build a successful Internet business

2. I = “I”. Your mindset. It DETERMINES your income and your outcome

3. I = Innovative Information. Leading-edge STRATEGIES & tactics to sell successfully online

4. I = Implementation. Because information without daily IMPLEMENTATION results in no income

5. I = Income. What it takes to actually EARN money! If you’re not making money, you have a hobby not a business

6. I = Inspiration. Every iPreneur NEEDS encouragement, motivation, inspiration

7. I = Integrity. Building a REAL bus iness that provides you with consistent income.  Whether part-time, full-time or somewhere in between

No matter what you sell or where you sell it.
You need these ingredients.

SO what does it take to participate in Daily iPreneur(tm)?

If you’re reading this newsletter…  You’re already in!

Welcome to Daily iPreneur(tm).  It’s going to be a good 2010. 🙂