radar 2I’m seeing recommendations on FB tonight that the way to “fly under the radar” with Amazon brand restrictions is to list the restricted products in bundles with your own UPC.

DON’T do this!!!

1) Do NOT list┬árestricted brands in a bundle, thinking that will “hide” those branded products from Amazon.

A brand is STILL restricted whether it’s being sold individually or in a bundle.

2) Amazon has software that does nothing but scan listings looking for restricted brands.

And if you don’t list the brand names in your title and Feature Bullets your page won’t get ranked, so there’s no point trying to sell a name brand bundle without the brand name.

3) “Flying under the radar” is not within Amazon’s TOS.

DON’T try and “fly under the radar.” for anything!

Sourcing, pages, reviews, ANYTHING.

If a brand you are selling has been restricted by Amazon, follow their process for getting approved or stop selling that product.


Yes, it’s going to be an expensive proposition in some cases, especially if you have depth of inventory.

But violating TOS is not worth losing your Amazon account over.

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