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Re: The Latest Strategies for Selling on Amazon

Dear Online Seller,

In July 2011, I spoke at the Amazon Sellers Conference here in Seattle, Washington.

While there, I was privileged to attend “Amazon Day”, a full day of sessions led by Amazon team members.

And while Amazon been a leader in ecommerce for some time now, new information revealed in these sessions cements the fact that Amazon is redefining the way sellers will build their businesses online.

In fact, the impact of Amazon's 3rd party merchant innovation will affect all ecommerce sellers over the next several years. (Whether you currently sell on Amazon or not.)

Fast forward to 2012...

  • Amazon’s sales were up 46% year-over-year in 2011. Compare that to the growth of ecommerce 15% , and eBay’s GMV at 10% and you can immediately see why Amazon is a “must do” for your online business this year.
  • 20% of the earth’s Internet population (that’s 1 in 5 people between the ages of 15-85) shopped an Amazon site in 2011. And that number will only continue to grow. 
  • Amazon is the #1 retailer online.

3rd Party Sellers Sales Increase 65%

In January 2012,  CEO Jeff Bezos revealed...

  • Our millions of third-party sellers had a tremendous 2011 holiday season with 65% unit growth and now represent 36% of total units sold.”

  • More importantly, Amazon is actively looking to grow their 3rd party merchant sales this year. And they’re investing time, money and effort into making sure that happens…
  • Amazon added 17 global fulfillment centers in 2011. These fulfillment centers directly support the growth of 3rd party merchants who use Amazon leverage Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) to ship their orders.

And while the numbers are certainly impressive, the bottom line is “Is there opportunity for YOU on Amazon this year?”

The answer to this is a resounding “Yes!”

Welcome to the Amazon Revolution!

If you sell online, you want to be a part of it.

In fact for the past several years I’ve been working with students and clients to help them establish an Amazon sales channel.

During this time, I’ve shared with them that they were smart to get in now, because there would come a point where Amazon would gain so much market share, that anyone who doesn’t have an Amazon channel would be missing out on customers they couldn’t get any other way.

That day has come.

Whether you're an established seller on eBay or just getting started online, Amazon offers sales opportunities and access to customers you won't find anywhere else.

That's why on the heels of the Amazon Sellers Conference, I sat down with a select group of online sellersto show them how to integrate Amazon into their business model, and they were blown away!

This information is hot-off-the presses.  And more importantly, it's presented from a strategic view.

Most people don't understand that Amazon is not just another marketplace. It's a completely different way of doing business online. And while other programs may teach you the tactics of working with Amazon, I share the long-term strategic view of how to truly integrate Amazon into your business model.

And I'm now making this powerful 2-part audio series available so that you can be part of the Amazon Revolution!




You'll Learn the Latest Insider Tips STRAIGHT from Amazon Seller's Conference.

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This 2-Part MP3 audio series includes...

How to Integrate Amazon Into Your Business Model


Why NOW is the time to integrate Amazon into your business model (and why you don't want to wait.)

How and why to integrate Amazon into your business model (there's more to this than meets the eye)

Why you don't have to worry about finding the perfect niche to sell in on Amazon

Why Amazon is going to dominate the ecommerce marketplace arena over the next 5-10 years

Why NOT having a presence on Amazon in the coming years will be detrimental to your ecommerce business

How to list your first profitable item today!


The Latest Tips and Strategies on How to Sell on Amazon


How to start making money on Amazon this month, even if you've never sold before on the site (and don't have a niche)!

The #1 thing that Amazon product category managers are looking for (and how you can provide it)

Getting in front of Amazon's BEST customers (the ones who return to shop the site at least once a month!)

The Hot Scoop on a what formerly restricted category is being reopened!

Whether or not the new California sales tax affects Amazon sellers

How to make SURE you can sell toys at Christmas time!

How to quickly and easily "create your own products" to sell on Amazon - products that no one else is selling!

How to source hot selling products on Amazon

The secret behind selling used items successfully on Amazon

How to start making money on Amazon this month, even without a wholesale supplier!


"Impressed By the Amazon Business Model"

Thanks so much for the 2 classes this week! I've been using Fulfillment By Amazon for more than a year and I love it!

I'm on my third time through these class replays so I can wring every ounce of insight from them and get on with the 'Amazonification' of my own business.  They make so much sense.

I'm impressed by Amazon's business models and tools that maximize the strengths of a corporate giant and 3rd party sellers! Exciting times in ecommerce!

Sally K



I want to get the latest tips and strategies!

Using Amazon to Put Your Business on Autopilot


How to use Amazon's world-class shipping, warehousing and customer service to get yourself out of being a shipping manager, sell three times as much and have more time to GROW you business

How to run a business on Amazon even if you're still working on time (you'd be surprised at how many people do this)

How to Fit in Among the Experienced Retailer at the Show

Why Amazon gives you access to customers you can't get elsewhere

How using Amazon can make you more successful on eBay

How to manage your inventory if you sell on eBay and Amazon

How to leverage Amazon's reduced shipping costs

The best tool to source products on Amazon and get products sent to FBA

How to stop working 12 hours a day on your Amazon (or eBay) and start making more money!

What NOT to do on Amazon (something every Amazon seller must know.)

Show me how to put my Amazon sales on Autopilot!

Use Amazon to Automate Your Business in the Trillion Dollar Global Market


How to grow your international sales without having to ship each item overseas (this is a HOT and just announced program

Moving your products from a saturated U.S. market to a wide open global market with high product demand

How to start small with global selling and grow

The new technologies Amazon has in place to make 3rd party international sales possible for the smallest of businesses (and for those who want to SCALE!)

I'm ready to join the revolution!

Amazon Insider Secrets


The #1 thing that Amazon that Amazon is looking for in its sellers... (and it's not what you think!)

The insider tip on how to avoid the new Amazon Long-term Storage Fee

Using Amazon for market research

The difference between the Amazon retail business and the 3rd party merchant business

Why Amazon is heavily invested in attracting quality Amazon sellers

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