Your Amazon Product Page is Your Salesperson

It Works for You 24×7 Selling Your Product…

But is your product page doing its job?


A well written and optimized Amazon product page can add tens of thousands to your bottom line.


We’re dominating Page 1 for our category and, having a hard time keeping our best seller in stock! Thank you for all you do!

UPDATE: The page you created is now doing $84K a month in sales. This page and the others you optimized for us dominate Page 1 of search for multiple keyword searches.


Jim Kuehnle

But without a product page that is SEO optimized to rank on Page 1 of Amazon search for multiple top-searched keyword phrases,  and optimized to convert visitors to a sale , you’re losing sales and revenue every day…

A recent Compete Digital Study revealed that if your product page is not ranked on Page 1 of Amazon Search for any given keyword phrase less than 20% will continue to Page 2 to view those search results.



And it gets worse…

  • If your page doesn’t achieve a Page 1 rank for at least 5-10 Primary Keyword Phrases, your product won’t sell as much as it could (if anything at all)
  • Amazon is applying hidden penalties to pages that have Terms of Service violations
  • If your product page doesn’t have a high conversion to sales rate, Amazon will push a low conversion page down in search (and of course, you’re also getting no sales)
  • If your page isn’t relevant to the product you sell, even though you’re running Amazon Sponsored Ads, they won’t be shown (no matter how high you bid), killing product visibility
  • Amazon product pages must be optimized with 100% relevancy to the product being sold in order to achieve a Page 1 rank


How Much Would a Highly Ranked, High-Converting Amazon Product Page be Worth to Your Sales?



Over the past 10 years, I’ve created and optimized more than 2000 Amazon product pages for both my own products and those of my consulting clients. With 16 years experience selling on Amazon, I know how to write product pages that sell.

Now I’m bringing this expertise to your product pages. – Lisa Suttora


Lisa Suttora I owe you the biggest THANK YOU LISA to you and YOUR TEAM.

The page optimization that you and your team did for us is already paying off. We have launched our new product on Thursday afternoon and by last night we are already ranking organically on PAGE 1 for 7 out of 10 top keywords phrases that you and your team has provided to us.

And not just that, we also have 100% index page for every single keyword, and phrases that you and your team has recommend for our new product launch.

What you and your team does is remarkable job and worth every single penny.

Thank you for your advices in page optimization and for all recommendations, we have implemented all of them and results are speaking for themselves.

This results in such short term in such competitive category are astonishing and I know we would not be celebrating if we would not be working with you.

UPDATE: Our new product just hit 7 figures in sales!  I know a big part of this is because of the mobile optimization approach. We are in top 5 on mobile for 8 top keyword phrases now.


Thank You!


Jure Klepic

How Much Would a Professionally Optimized Product Page for Mobile, Desktop, and Voice (Alexa) be Worth to Your Sales?













Since Amazon has had so many changes regarding Page Rank, I have found creating optimized listings quite daunting. That is why I decided for all of my new products to hire Lisa and her team to create my product listings. I even had her redo some of my older listings as they were doing poorly.

As Amazon has gotten more competitive and challenging I knew I needed her expertise. She knows the secret behind the secret of this keyword placement world. And I don’t!

My listings have only been up a short time and I have already gotten sales. 24 out of 28 products had their first sales within 10 days. Within 2 weeks, most of our new products were ranking on Page 1 several top searched keyword phrases.

Products that were doing poorly have started to come back to life. My sales are up a significant percentage from last year.

And best of all, I feel confident that a pro has created my listings and that they are getting the best chance they possibly could have. Going forward, I will have Lisa do all of my new product listings. 




Leslie Kuster

Unfortunately, many Amazon sellers lack the skills, time or team, to properly optimize an Amazon product page for search and conversion.

Resulting in…

  • Product pages that never achieve a Page 1 rank in Amazon search
  • Pages that aren’t converting to sales (or selling as much as they could be)
  • Pages that violate Amazon’s Terms of Service, triggering a page or account suspension
  • Unlisted inventory sitting on your warehouse shelves
  • Page creation outsourced to overseas VA’s with dismal results
  • Others have inadvertently paid black hat page optimizers to create their pages, only to find the pages taken down by Amazon
  • Still others have paid $600 – $700 to have ONE page optimized, only to end up with a page that was so poorly done it was unusable, or even worse, triggered an account suspension



With Each Professional Page Optimization You’ll Benefit from Our Years of Skills, Knowledge and Experience


  • In-depth optimization knowledge based on years of experience with Amazon’s indexing and page rank methods
  • Testing & tracking of real-world page results based on our in-house testing 
  • A deep understanding of every Amazon category from both a buyer and seller perspective
  • Specific focus on writing mobile friendly pages (80% of Amazon buyers purchase from a mobile device)
  • Expert knowledge on how to position your product against the top sellers in your category
  • Amazon SEO expertise – including all the unpublished SEO policies Amazon doesn’t tell you about
  • Expertise in writing Amazon specific sales copy – (writing copy for Amazon is NOT like writing it for a website)
  • Full compliance with Amazon’s current Terms of Service, including unpublished TOS.




What You’ll Get with Each Page Optimization

Prior to optimizing your product page, we’ll do a competitor analysis so we know exactly how your product should be positioned for maximum sales

Next we use our proprietary 3 source keyword research process to determine the mainstream and long-tail Primary Keyword Phrases that you should achieve a Page 1 rank for in Amazon’s search results

  • You’ll receive a keyword table for your product that contains a list of all the highly-relevant Primary Keyword Phrases your page has been optimized for . This keyword table should also be used to run your Amazon Sponsored Product Ad campaigns
  • A single page fully SEO optimized for mobile, desktop and voice (Alexa) search and conversion including:
  • Product Title, optimized for search and conversion
  • 5 Feature Bullets optimized for search and conversion
  • A fully optimized Product Description. Even though Amazon currently does not use the Description field to rank your product, we optimize it for both search and conversion
  • Fully optimized Search Terms
  • Image optimization recommendations for Primary Image, Supplemental Images, and Lifestyle Images
  • Bonus strategies to help increase your sales
  • Page optimized to meet Amazon’s TOS. We do not use any black hat/grey hat optimization strategies

Get Started Today!

  • Upon purchase of a page optimization you’ll receive an in-depth online Product Data form to complete with all relevant information about your product
  • Note: This form must be fully completed to begin your page optimization
  • You must be the page owner and have full access to updating/creating your product page in order to use this service
  • Once received we will begin your page optimization
  • Our turnaround time changes based on seasonal volume. Our current turnaround time is 3 weeks from the date we receive your completed Product Data Form.


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I just uploaded the optimized listing for my new product and six hours later my first sale has already come through!! So excited!

UPDATE: In one week, we are already 30% sold out of one variation!

Felicity W

Lisa, I wanted to follow up on our page optimization.  It’s been just under two months since you optimized our [product withheld] page. In that time we merged all 4 individual listings into a variation listing as your team recommended, and updated the page optimization. 

We were selling approx $1000 a month on the original page. This month we hit $16,000 in sales!  So far a 10,000% return on what we paid you to optimize our page. Needless to say, we’re blown away. We have 7 more pages headed your way.  THANK YOU!

Tim Cassman

Lisa, we uploaded our newly optimized product page three weeks ago. This morning I woke up to find the page is now ranking on Page 1 for three of our top phrases! Sales are increasing and the launch is going well! Very excited!

Alice Lyon

Thanks to your page optimization of my main PL product, I just took the “Amazon’s Choice” banner away from my top competitor!


Sharon Hendrickson

From $0 to #1 New Release in 2 weeks! I can’t thank you enough!


Alex Deene

USA Based Team of Copywriters Lead by Lisa Suttora

Our US based team of optimization specialists:

  • Have experience selling in the Amazon marketplace, page optimization, SEO, and written marketing communications experience
  • Have In-depth experience in Amazon competitive analysis
  • Are personally trained in by Lisa Suttora in her proprietary, results driven Amazon page optimization methodology
  • Current on all Amazon Terms of Service policies (both published TOS and unpublished TOS)
  • All copywriters are US based with English as their first language



Supplements, Ingestibles, Over the Counter Medical Creams (for humans or pets)

Due to legal and FDA compliance issues, we do not optimize pages for supplements and other medical ingestible products.

International Product Pages

At this time we are only optimizing product pages for only (no international site pages)


Page optimizations may be cancelled within 14 Days for a full refund, and must be requested PRIOR to our team starting work on your page.

100% Satisfaction

Once your page has been optimized, if you have any questions about your optimization we are here to help!