welcome homeAfter being online since 2002, and starting WhatDoISell.com in 2004 – with the launch of this new blog, I  feel like I’m coming home.

The move from my original blog over at WhatDoISell.com to this new blog at LisaSuttora.com reflects the growth and expansion in my business, my knowledge, expertise and experience over the past 7 years, as well as my growth as an online entrepreneur.

I remember back in 2002 when I met Robert G. Allen (of Nothing Down fame) here in Seattle. He told me…

“When you start a business, the real accomplishment is not only in the money you make.  The real accomplishment is the person you become along the way.”

Sitting here writing this blog post, I can attest to the fact that it is a true statement.

When I left corporate America in 2002, I set out to build a business online so I could do two things:

1. Work at home and be with my kids.

2. Fulfill a lifelong dream (since age 8!) of being an entrepreneur.

I’ve accomplished both.

A lot has happened since that first day back in 2002 when I made the decision to make my way as an entrepreneur.  Full-fledged.  No turning back.  Once I was in, I was in.

It’s been a remarkable journey.  A TON of work.  A lot of fun.  And next to being a mom, the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life.

But I didn’t get here overnight.  And I think it’s important for me to share where I’ve come from, so you can understand why I’m here.

And most importantly, why I think you will benefit from being here with me also.

I remember that first year after deciding to leave “THE COMPANY”.  Trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do for a business.  I knew that I loved to teach, mentor and inspire – and that I was good at it.  But I also knew that I needed a practical application of my skills to make money online.  I had a background in retail buying and merchandising.  And a career in Information Technology – I loved the Internet and the technology.

The trick was in trying to figure out how to turn all that into a tangible income.

And here’s where I need to debunk a HUGE myth about the road to success.Roadtosucces1

Success online is not a linear process. It’s a progression of twists and turns, hills and valleys, freeways, speed bumps, breathtakingly scenic drives, and some days –  potholes that you think will knock your wheels off.

But they won’t. And if you keep driving, you’ll reach your success destination.

The Journey Begins

For me, my journey started with eBay. It kept popping up.  Everywhere I went.

I figured, online retail couldn’t be that much different than offline retail. So I took the plunge into ecommerce –  selling what else?  Kids clothes and products.  A niche I was very knowledgeable about with an infant and a pre-schooler at home.

Since then I’ve gone on to build a successful ecommerce business,  create a worldwide information marketing company, co-author a best-selling book on what to sell online, have a blast as a trendologist, talking about hot trends,  speak on stage at events like eBay Live! , and Armand Morin’s AM 2.0 event, and work with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to help them build their profitable online businesses.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Because I didn’t leave my job one day and wake up the next, knowing exactly what I wanted to do.Which way

That first year, I remember with fondness, staying up late at night reading everything the Internet had to offer about work at home businesses. Some good.  A lot of junk.  But there were certain Internet Marketers who made an indelible impression on me – and helped me know for sure that I was in exactly the right place for me.

Marlon Sanders – I’ll never forget the first website I came to with a picture of Marlon in his red polo shirt.  He was so logical, real, funny and brilliant all at the same time.  I immediately bought everything he had to offer.  I still think Marlon is logical, real, funny and brilliant and buy everything he creates.  🙂

Jeanette Cates – the single biggest factor in my success over the past 7 years.

It all started with Jeanette’s voice on the other end of the phone teaching Information Marketing.  Inspirational, motivational, and wow! uber knowledgable!  She knew everything and everyone in the industry.    Jeanette’s message was step-by-step, you can do it!”  She was the first person who made me truly see HOW I was going to do this.

I knew I  HAD to work this dynamic Internet Marketing coach.  I carefully crafted my application to take part in her Brain Drain Coaching session.   Thrilled when I got the email to schedule our consulting session.  A 2 hour session that turned into a mentorship, lifelong friendship, and strategy sessions too numerous to count, I continue to learn from her each day.  I would never have accomplished what I have without Jeanette’s ongoing direction and support.

You see, I will never forget what it felt  like to be a newbie.  And also what it felt like when someone who was very successful was willing to help me succeed.

That’s one of the reasons I’m starting this blog (but more about that to come.)

Jeanette helped me launch WhatDoISell.com in 2004 with her sage but firm direction…  “Keep writing”. 🙂

I kept writing – and today WhatDoISell.com is the oldest subscription education site for ecommerce entrepreneurs on the web.  In fact, it’s longevity surpasses most of the Internet Marketing sites that are online today.  With more than 500 hours of fresh training materials covering all aspects of ecommerce, with a prolific infusion of Internet Marketing, I think it’s time for me to ask Jeanette…  “Can I stop writing now and take a vacation?” 😉

There have been many other mentors along the way, some of whom you’ll meet as this blog unfolds.  Mentors who have guided me, gifted me with their generosity of time and spirit, some of who have taught me the hard lessons – with hard knocks.  All of which have been a part of my journey over the past 7 years.

And just when I was ready, but struggling, to step into the next phase of my business…

I was fortunate to meet the one-of-a kind…  Mr Rick Butts.

Authentic.  Genuine.  Remarkably insightful.

The day I dialed into his teleseminar The Stardust Factor, I thought I was about to participate in an interesting teleseminar.  After listening to Rick for 1 hour, I hung up the phone and sat there, stunned.

In the space of 1 hour, this man and his message had changed the course of my business and my life.  I knew it.  I felt it.  I wasn’t sure what it all meant.  But I knew that something inside of me that I’d been trying to shift myself for a long time had just shifted.

Since that day Ive had the transformational experience to work with Rick one-on-one.  His creative, spark-plug, mind has shown me ways to do things that I’ve  never envisioned before.  Rick took me out of the box, recycled it (he’s eco-friendly!), and then laid out multiple lighted paths for my next steps.

Inviting me to view the paths and then choose the one that felt right to me.

He has the rare ability to see your unique gifts and talents and figure out how to blend those into a business that fits your goals, your mission and your life.

Rick is the reason that you’re reading this blog post.

One of the Most Important Ingredients of Success

So that’s a bit about where I’ve come from…

Why did I want to share with you about the people who have helped me throughout the years?

Because you can’t do this alone. No one can. You can’t be a successful entrepreneur or build a profitable business if you are isolated at home alone behind your computer.

When you try and do it alone, there are too many fears, doubts, questions and unknowns  happy to take up residence and live right beside you at your desk.

They undermine, confuse, and make you question yourself.

And that’s why I created this blog.  As a touchstone.  A place for you to reach out.  A place to connect for Internet, ecommerce, and entrepreneurial education, inspiration and motivation.network_sm

I want to be for you what my mentors have been for me.  A guiding light.  A plethora of ideas, Internet & ecommerce knowledge, strategies and insights.

Last week I met a wonderful couple from Eastern Washington.  The wife is a member of my mentoring group at WhatDoISell.com, And she shared with me that just the week before she felt like throwing in the towel.  Giving up.  Like she didn’t have what it takes.

I told her that everyone has days or weeks when they feel like that.  No matter how successful you are.  And that’s exactly the time that you need to reach out.  For support, for new techniques, to people who have answers that you may not have.

And that’s what this blog is about.  And what I want to give to you.

I want to impact your business and your life in a positive way each week.

To share with you what I’ve learned and done in the past 7 years. And to keep sharing all the new things I’m learning and doing.

As a single parent, I’ve supported my  family online  for 7 years.  And to do that, I’ve had to learn my stuff.

LisaSuttora.com is my home base to teach, inspire, motivate, expand your vision, give you tools, tips, strategies and techniques to build your business on the Internet  – whether you sell products online, information, affiliate products or services.

So welcome to my new home online.  Come on in.  I’m glad you’re here.