If you’re new to ecommerce and online business, you might know Amazon.com to be the ‘ecommerce darling’ of the moment.

But Amazon is one of the oldest and largest companies on the internet and has built an empire that offers multiple opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses to make money online.

Whether you sell physical products, digital products, are an affiliate marketer, an author, speaker, consultant or expert in your field, Amazon has several avenues for you to market your products.

It also offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to use the site to gain visibility for your business.

In fact done the right way, you can use the site to build your own “Amazon Empire”.

To have a  vision of what Amazon can do for your business, you’ll want to start right with the slide presentation below.

Consulting firm faberNovel recently put together a slide show on Amazon’s business model and strategy that will shock, surprise and amaze you.

Filled with insights that you can apply to your own business the “Amazon’s Hidden Empire” preso is a must-watch for all smart, savvy entrepreneurs.

Amazon.com: the Hidden Empire

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So how can you build your own Amazon Empire?

By implementing multiple streams of Amazon income, including:

Generate physical products sales through the Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Pro-Merchant Account or through an Amazon Web-Store

Create and sell Print-on-Demand books and DVDs  using Amazon Create Space. Publish a book to establish credibility in your niche. Create a “How-To” DVD to merchandise with your products.

Leverage the 300%+ growth in digital product sales projected by 2015 by publishing through Amazon Kindle Publishing

Harness the power of affiliate sales of millions of products with the Amazon Associates Program

Host your webinars, teleseminars and digital courses in the Amazon Cloud (and saving hundreds or thousands a year in traditional hosting/bandwidth fees in the process)

Tap into Amazon’s massive database of customers, including their best “Prime” customers who come back to shop on Amazon at least once a month. You’ll have access to customers you couldn’t get any other way

Give your business visibility on one of the highest trafficked, most respected sites on the web. A place where people come ready to buy products and information

What makes Amazon unique is that it’s the ONLY online marketplace of its caliber that offers opportunities to such a broad spectrum of business owners.

Whether you’re an author, information marketer or physical product seller (or all three!) Amazon has a program that you can use to build your online empire!

What are your questions about building your empire on Amazon?

Tell me below!