Valentine’s Day bundles are a GREAT seasonal bundling opportunity.

In fact, “love” themed bundles sell on Amazon all year around.

Here are 5 tips to help you create a top selling Valentine’s Day or Love themed bundle:

1. Theme your bundle to a specific recipient. Is this a bundle for men, women, boys, girls, pets, a boss, friend, parent, or grandparent?

Buyers are looking for the perfect Valentines gift, they aren’t looking for something generic.

So get that specific gift recipient in mind, and start bundling!

2. Packaging is everything! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy packaging, you can find inexpensive red, pink, white, black boxes, tissue paper or cellophane wrap at the dollar store. The key is to make sure your packaging is attractive and matches your bundle.

Good, themed packaging will also increase your sales.

3. Take a great primary image that includes all the items in your bundle (and nothing more.) Valentine’s Day is a very visual holiday and the gift giver wants their gift recipient to say “wow” when they see their gift!

It all starts with having a great primary image on Amazon.

Be sure and follow Amazon’s image standards for your primary image. Use good lighting and a pure white background. And make sure the buyer can clearly see all the components of your bundle.

4. Scour dollar stores, big box stores and specialty stores for Valentine’s Day bundle components. Local stores are already running sales on Valentine’s Day or Love themed products. Which means great inventory opportunities for you!

You can also source great Valentine’s or Love themed inventory online via online arbitrage. You may not have enough time to use this inventory for this year’s Valentine’s Day bundles, but you can definitely create Love themed bundles to sell the rest of the year.

5. Don’t sell any brands in your bundle that you are restricted from selling individually. Before you purchase name brand inventory for your Valentine’s Day or Love themed bundle, make sure you have access to sell these items individually.

Even if you had access to sell a brand last year, it doesn’t mean that you are still approved to sell it. Amazon has restricted a lot of brands since Valentine’s 2017.

And of course, if you come across a restricted brand, don’t include it in your bundle.

Then, have fun and be creative with your Valentine’s bundles! It’s the season of love, romance and friendship, so pick a theme and let your creativity flow!

And enjoy your Valentine’s Day or Love themed bundle sales!

They are definitely sweet. 🙂

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