What are you selling online this year?

Do you have a solid idea of what you’ll sell and how you’ll source it?

Now is the time to start thinking about it, because Product Sourcing Month is just around the corner! A few years back, I christened February as “Product Sourcing Month”. Why?

  • It’s the kickoff to tradeshow season.
  • The post-holiday season is over.
  • And it’s early enough in the year to get you well positioned to source the right products for your business ALL year long…

On Wednesday 1/20, we’re going to do a little Pre-Product Sourcing Month Warm Up on my new radio show for online sellers…

***Edge Ecommerce Radio***

Edge Ecommerce Radio is here each week to keep you up to date with the latest innovations in the world of online commerce!

And today we’ll be talking about what you’ll sell online in 2010!

I’m excited to be broadcasting Edge Ecommerce Radio from the  studios of WS Radio, the leader in worldwide Internet talk.

Now, my show is so new (this is the 3rd broadcast)  that we’re still putting together the show page…

But you’ll find me  LIVE this Wednesday 1/20 @ 11:00am Pacific.

Click here to listen. I’m in Studio A (right at the top of the page)!

Have a question, comment  or concern about what you are/should be selling online in 2010!

Send me your questions at: http://edgeecommerceradio.com

Then listen live on Wednesday @ 11:00am Pacific STUDIO A

NOTE: If you can’t tune in to the LIVE show, I’ll let you know as soon as the replay of the show is ready!

Talk to you soon!

Your Partner in Online Selling Success,

Lisa Suttora
Meet Your Goals Through Your Internet Business(tm)