I just got back from speaking at the 2010 Ecommerce Summit in Las Vegas.

This is the event that is hosted by the Ecommerce Merchants Association & PESA (the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance) – now a combined trade organization.

The conference brought together the best and brightest minds in the business!

Here’s the first of several updates I’ll be bringing you:

  • There were some great keynotes by people like Jonathan Garris founder of Gotham City Online (and one of the most successful eBay sellers of all time)
  • Paul Greenberg, who started selling vintage guitars on eBay Australia and went on to build the multi-million dollar DealsDirect.com.au – he talked about what small businesses need to do to think, act and get big!
  • There was a rockin’ hot session on using press releases to market your business – designed for small to mid-sized online sellers!
  • Sophie Shiatus from PR Web did the presentation and she taught some hot new stuff about press releases for ecommerce sellers.
  • And a REVEALING class on Google Product Search, Bing and Comparison Shopping Engines by the founder of Single Feed.  (And a good update on what you should/should not count on from eBay data feeds.)I had a long talk with Bill Harding (Founder of Bonanzle).  EVen though we’re practically neighbors, we had to travel to Vegas to meet each other face to face. They have some good stuff on deck.
  • In addition –  tons of website tips and tricks, couponing, online video for your eBay biz and webiste, THE BIGGEST thing in online marketing (Hint: Google LOVES it AND you can do it on eBay or your website AND we’ve ALREADY been teaching it in the Business Growth Center!)
  • PLUS new social media tools from John Lawson of ColderICE.com !
  • eBay also sent a team to the event which provided a lively discussion 😉  I’ll be giving you the inside scoop on that!
  • And there was a Solutions Center with some hot new tools and programs!
  • I have an international shipping solution for you (a brand new company).
  • As well as the low down on why you want to start using eBay’s Ad Commerce. (I was impressed when they demoed the new program for me.)

I had a great time  leading the Product Sourcing Panel discussion (wait till I tell you about Ali Express!).

NOW I have to say –  I left the conference feeling VERY pleased because a LOT of what was covered there are things we’ve been talking about in the WhatDoISell Business Growth Center for the past  18 months!

You know that I like to be on the leading edge with what we teach at WDIS, so I wasn’t surprised about this.  🙂

I hope you’re salivating by now!!!

And I’m sure you’re asking, how am I going to get all this juicy information!

Well, I’ve been uploading my brain to audio since I returned home!  And I’m putting together TWO fantastic classes packed with the best information and strategies that came out of the conference.  Along with my analysis and insights based on what I saw, the people I talked to and how it fits into a lot of what I’ve been teaching in my Business Growth Group as well as what we’ve been talking about here on my blog.

I’ll be sharing more information next week on how you can take part in these classes, in addition to posting more updates and insights here.

Next up…  Why start ups, small online sellers and mid-sized sellers need to think BIG even if you are a small, home-based operation…