This Next Google Update Could Make Your Website Invisible April 21, 2015, a new Google change could make your website ‘invisible’ by losing precious rank in search on mobile devices.  

Google will begin factoring in how mobile friendly a wesbite or online store is when determining where to rank that site in mobile search.

If your site is not deemed mobile friendly Google reports this latest change will significantly impact search results.Continue Reading

13 Years Ago This Month I Left a Six Figure Corporate Job…

Celebrating 13 Years of EntrepreneurshipIn November 2001, I left a six-figure, job at Adobe (Seattle office) to come home and start a business.

My primary motivation? To fulfill my dream of being an “at home mom” to my 4 month old daughter and 4 year old son.

But as single parent, I got a lot of flack.

My family and friends thought I was crazy to leave a secure, high-level IT position for an unknown business venture.

However I knew if I didn’t make the move, I would always regret it.bellie_noah_2002

And 13 years later, I can say that every day I wake up immensely grateful for my life as an entrepreneurial mom.

Entrepreneurship is Life Changing

For me ecommerce was the vehicle that allowed me to change my life, and the life of my children.









And over the years, I’ve been honored to
help more than 90,000 online merchants in 15 countries representing 2600+ niche markets and 100’s of millions of dollars in sales change their lives via ecommerce.

At the end of the day,Continue Reading

How Pinterest Promoted Pins Turn Products Into Best Sellers


Pinterest Promoted Pins are THE hottest topic in ecommerce marketing this year.

And for good reason.

Promoted Pins are bringing a new level of visibility and sales to ecommerce products this holiday season.

In fact a single Promoted Pins campaign just took one of my client’s products from a good seller to an Amazon best seller in a matter of a week…

64 Clicks, 40 Repins and… Now a Best Selling Product

“Lisa, this is pretty darn exciting.  After learning from you how best to phrase my keywords in my Pinterest promoted pin ads, I reworked them on a single product (it only had 1 or 2 clicks at best).   In about a weeks time, I am up to 64 clicks  — since it is a holiday item it was time to get a little more traction.  It has gone from a good seller to a best seller!

Thanks, Lisa, your insight was invaluable!  – Kelly”

However, Pinterest Promoted Pins are so new, most people don’t understand how they work and how they can benefit your business.

Let’s  discuss in today’s blog post.

Understanding Promoted Pins

The first step in using Promoted Pins is to Continue Reading