5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Holiday Traffic Today!

by Lisa Suttora on November 1, 2013

holiday_primetimeNovember 1st is here and it’s Holiday Primetime!

The marketing actions you take in your business over the next seven weeks can make or break your sales. And remember with Thanksgiving a week later this year, we lose a week of peak holiday sales time.

With 53 days left until Christmas, it’s time to focus heavily on getting your products in front of the right buyers!

1bMarket Your Products Not “The Store”.

Holiday shoppers don’t want to buy a store, they are looking for specific products to purchase.


For example, your marketing message shouldn’t be [click to continue reading…]



It happens to everyone.  The product that just won’t sell.

Maybe it’s more than one product – maybe it’s an entire product line. Either way, there’s money tied up in that inventory and it needs to move!

While you could sit back hope something changes, taking a passive approach to marketplace sales won’t get your product out of the sales slump.

Your best course of action is to analyze the situation, figure out what the problem is and [click to continue reading…]


Are you “selling the store” during the holidays and in the process, hurting your holiday sales?

Find out how how a simple shift in strategy will enable you to market and sell your most saleable inventory during the holidays, and add money directly to the bottom line!


Are you ready for the 2013 Holiday Selling Season? This year online retailers will “lose” a week of peak holiday sales! Find out why, and what you must do to make up for it…