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Re: Sourcing the RIGHT Products Wholesale to Sell on Amazon

Dear Online Seller,

It's a fact. is the worlds fastest growing ecommerce marketplace.

And if you sell products online in 2014, you need to have a sales channel on Amazon.

Amazon 3rd party merchants are experiencing record sales...

Amazon 3rd party merchants

And Amazon sales for 3rd party merchants will only continue to grow...

Amazon Marketplace sales currently outpace the growth of both ecommerce and eBay

Holiday Season 2013: Amazon was THE #1 trafficked online retailer, bypassing all other online retailers by 50%!

Amazon sites attract 1 million unique visitors a month, far surpassing any other online retailer on the web

This year 20% of the World Internet Population - that's 1 in 5 Internet Users between the ages of 15 - 85 visited an Amazon site

40% of all Amazon retail sales are generated by 3rd party online merchants... and this is growing every quarter

But in order to achieve this kind of success on Amazon, you have to have the right products to sell...

And while it's true that there are many ways to source products to sell on Amazon,..

Sourcing Inventory Through Wholesale Channels Is The Best Avenue for Bringing a Steady Stream of In-Demand Products to the Amazon Marketplace...

Wholesale sourcing offers many advantages to Amazon 3rd party merchants that other sourcing channels don't. With wholesale sourcing you can...
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Source products for any category or subcategory available to sell in on Amazon.

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Replenish your products via phone or email (no running around to retail stores chasing after onesy-twosies of discontinued products)

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Begin to build your category expertise on Amazon one of the most important advantages you can have when growing your Amazon business,

greeen check 2 Leverage industry tradeshows for sourcing and  build lasting relationships with suppliers
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Scale your business with repeatable, consistent inventory sourced from reliable suppliers

In fact the majority of professional Amazon merchants use the wholesale sourcing as the foundation of their inventory

Not only that Amazon product category managers are looking for 3rd party merchants to bring more wholesale products to the Amazon Marketplace.

For the past four years I have been a featured and keynote presenter at the Amazon Sellers Conference as well as other notable ecommerce conferences; speaking on the subject of "How to Source the Products Amazon Buyers Want."


SCOE Keynote Lisa Suttora

At these conferences I've  talked with several Amazon category managers who've told me they are hungry for more new inventory in their categories! And they're looking to 3rd party sellers to supply it.

amazon wholesale inventory

Right now you have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor and bring these products to the Amazon marketplace.

To source and sell products to Amazon's customers - some of the best customers on the web.

But Inventory Sourced From Wholesale Suppliers Must Have the Right Characteristics to Sell Successfully on Amazon.

You can't just select any wholesale product and expect to make money on Amazon.

... Nor can you just finding an existing product that's selling well on Amazon, locate the supplier and place an order.

It also takes...

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Understanding the Amazon Marketplace

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Knowing how to identify what products have will sell and which won't

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Knowing what strategies and tools to use to make your Amazon successful sourcing happen quickly and more effectively

greeen check 2 Leverage industry tradeshows for sourcing and  build lasting relationships with suppliers
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Scale your business with repeatable, consistent inventory sourced from reliable suppliers

Fortunately you don't need to spend years of trial and error or thousands of dollars trying to make the wholesale sourcing model work for your business.

Announcing the first and only course of it's kind...

"Sourcing the Right Products Wholesale to Sell on Amazon"

The only course designed specifically to help you select and sourcing profitable wholesale products to sell on Amazon.

Whether you're an established seller or just getting started online, "Sourcing Products Wholesale to Sell on Amazon" will take you step-by-step through "A-Z's " of successful Amazon wholesale sourcing.

The Exclusive, Step-By-Step Online Video Course That Will Help You Start Sourcing Products Wholesale or Expand Your Existing Product Line...



Selling successfully on Amazon is different from selling in any other Marketplace!



Understanding the Amazon Business Model (get this wrong and you'll limit your success)

The BIG difference between running a business on eBay or a website and running a business on Amazon

What Amazon customers want to buy

The KEY traits of successful Amazon sourcing

The Kind of Products Amazon Wants You to Bring to the Amazon Marketplace
To Niche or Not to Niche
Amazon Rankings
Competing with Amazon
5 Categories of Profitable Products

Action Assignment! This simple assignment will help you easily implement what you've learned in the Module so that you EARN while you LEARN!


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Learn step-by-step how to identify and select the products with the most potential to sell in the Amazon marketplace.



The Three Strategies for Product Selection (once you know these three, you'll never need anything else)
A Step-by-Step System for each strategy
Field Trips to Amazon! Look over my shoulder as we go out LIVE to Amazon and find profitable products to sell!
The $300K Product and how they found it (and how you can find one too)
How to find untapped products and niches with potential in any category on Amazon

Where to get ideas for profitable products to sell on Amazon

How to find PROFITABLE products that aren't even being sold on Amazon yet

How to Amazon's "hidden" data to find ideas for products

How to use "reverse product sourcing" to spot the many product gaps in the Amazon marketplace

How to find untapped niches to sell in on Amazon

How to spot the product trends 6, 12 or 18 months before your competitors!

How to know exactly what customers on Amazon are buying
How to never fear competition on Amazon again (including Amazon itself)
How to get a list of hundreds of potential products to sell at your fingertips in 30 days or less!
Action Assignment! This simple assignment will help you easily implement what you've learned in the Module so that you EARN while you LEARN!




I want to learn EXACTLY how to find the RIGHT products to sell on Amazon!


Learn the methods and resources used by seasoned retail trade industry merchandise buyers to locate any wholesale supplier.



11 Ways to Locate Wholesale Suppliers

Understanding the Supply Chain (where you should buy)

What to say (and what not to say) to your suppliers

Requirements for Working With Suppliers
Blowing past the roadblocks to finding good suppliers!
The 3 Industry Resources that put supplier contact information right at your fingertips (NOTE: You will not find this information ANYWHERE else)
How to Save Hundreds of Hours When Locating Suppliers
Save Thousands of Dollars and Connect With the Best Suppliers
How to Work with Wholesale Suppliers
How to test market your products before you commit to a wholesale order
Using Tradeshows, Merchandise Marts and other sourcing events to contact hundreds (or even thousands) of suppliers at a time
How to get supplier information coming directly to you!

Action Assignment! This simple assignment will help you easily implement what you've learned in the Module so that you EARN while you LEARN!




Show me how find wholesale suppliers for ANY product!



There's more to building a successful business on Amazon than meets the eye!



Building big with the expanded Amazon business model

What you need to do on Amazon to scale to a 6 or 7 figure business

Creative ways to source and sell products no one else is selling

6 Research tools to automate your product selection and sourcing

Cross-boarder selling.  The world is your Amazon customer
The 7 Hallmarks of Great Sourcing
Action Assignment! This simple assignment will help you easily implement what you've learned in the Module so that you EARN while you LEARN!

And more!







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The holiday selling season is just around the corner! Now is the time to start sourcing products wholesale to sell on Amazon in Q4. 

Let's grow your business on Amazon in 2014!

Yours in online selling success,

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